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But Joshua had commanded the people: “Do not give a battle cry or let your voice be heard; do not let one word come out of your mouth until the day I tell you to shout. Then you are to shout!”

Joshua 6:10

It is so easy to want to tell the journey and the promises to everyone, but wait until you have the green light from God. Show up with the blessing! The in-between stages are for you and God. They don’t need to know the plan or the details leading up to the promise. When the promises come to pass, let it be a testimony to them of how good God is. One of the biggest things the enemy would try to use against me was my mouth. As soon as I had a revelation from God, I wanted to tell the world, how good God is and how He is blessing me. What the Lord taught me was to keep quiet and show them the promise when it manifests. You don’t realize that the enemy is always lurking around, looking for an entryway onto the plan that God has for you. Sometimes when you spill your plan, you could unknowingly be telling your plan to the enemy. Wherever the enemies’ doors are open, he has the legal right to enter them. With that being said, watch your mouth, and who you are telling your business and promises to. When the Lord gave the instructions to reach the victory of Jericho, he also told Joshua and the Israelites to not shout for joy until the wall came down. In the same manner, when God gives you the revelation, hold onto it, rejoice, but don’t sound your alarm to the entire world that the blessing is coming. They don’t have to know.