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the servant’s heart

I know we may not like the title of slave or servant as it relates to our ancestors’ bondage throughout history, but we are servants to Christ and His Church. Reframing our thinking regarding the term servant because it is much more than we have been conditioned to see. A servant has an important role because without the carrying out of what they are called to do, nothing would be done. The Ruler usually has a servant that has been diligently working underneath them for sometimes, and would almost be considered their right hand. The Ruler needs the servant and depends on them because he truly has gained a level of trust that even those in the castle have not obtained. Jesus Christ called us servants because, to carry out his role as a disciple, we must be as humble as a servant with the eagerness to obey and follow Him. It has been a progressive journey learning how to follow even when it does not feel good to obey under the circumstances of our opposition, environment and feelings. It was hard for me to grasp the concept of how to fully obey because I was a rebellious girl. No one could tell me anything because I felt I always had to be right. The need to be right served me nothing in the future. Every battle I tried to win that way ended up in a loss because I was relying on my strength. Father, I thank you for your mercy that renews on us each day. A servant of yours requires true humility, yet sometimes the flesh loves to be in control teach us to walk with a heart of servitude, not only to you but those around us In the Name of Jesus.