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the testimony

Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counselors.

psalm 119:24

I heard a woman say most teachers have much to teach because they went through so much. Those words resonated with me because it makes so much sense why tragedies, circumstances, losses, and heartaches happened. I used to think of my pain as a way to gain pity. I wanted people to feel sorry that I went through that and get a pat. But now I see it as a means to reach souls to Christ. The testimony we have is for reaching others, sharing the experiences, and the journey that the Lord has taken us on to be where we are now. It is not for shame or guilt to speak on what has helped us grow closer to the Lord. Our testimony has power because the Holy Spirit knows where everyone is in their walk. Our testimony could be the hope someone needs to keep reaching forward. Our testimony could be the motivation someone needs to stop that habit and come back to the Lord. I share my testimony sometimes, and some can’t believe how I describe myself. Others would look at me and say, ” You did that, ” or “I can’t even imagine.” I can only say the Lord saved me because I was a mess without HIm. The testimony we have is not for ourselves but for others. Think about your power in just speaking about what the Lord has done for you. How can you use it today to share your testimony with others?