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Then set the empty pot on the coals

    till it becomes hot and its copper glows,

so that its impurities may be melted

    and its deposit burned away.

 It has frustrated all efforts;

    its heavy deposit has not been removed,

    not even by fire

ezeikel 24:11-12

I’ve been in a lot of mess, just covered in filth and rags. Walking in the world does that to you, especially when you are not covered by the grace of God. I found myself with so many complexes, it felt like even when I tried to uncover them, I was weighted down with so much. Imagine walking down the road with no sense of direction, and at every half mile you pick up things to carry for your journey. That was me, and like a lot of young people, we dabble in a lot of different things, because we have no sense of direction, we’re walking just to walk. You look to the right and you’ve picked up smoking marijuana to the left and there’s a shot of tequila, next thing you know you’re in the bed of a stranger you met at the club. Where do you want to go, and have the places you discovered along the way brought the real joy you’re looking for? Rhetorical questions, but that satisfaction that you’re craving is the love of Christ. You need the love from the one that created you, other than that you’ll find yourself all over the place like I was. I was on a search for my voids to be filled, and I jumped from one person to the next, one drug to the other, but nothing satisfied me. The love of God helps in restoring you to your originalness. Take off the masks that you created, the walls you built up, the ties that were formed, and all the habits you learned from the world. It takes time though, it is not an overnight process. If the Lord were to strip you all at once, what would you learn? The cleansing is more than for your health but for your wealth physically, mentally, and spiritually. Letting the hand of God work on me again, was a hard thing to do and still is. I walked into the mirror of Truth, and it showed me the ‘me’, without a filter. The ‘me’ with the insecurities, flaws, complexes, anger issues, fear, trauma, and all the things I never could be honest about. Once, I was shown the truth it hurt, I tried to run every time, but the more I ran, the more I realized it was time to let go. I let go of my need to keep covering and finally accepted the truth because I was a mess. After the acceptance I was thrown in the fire for cleansing, I needed to througholy be cleansed, and not in the way I tried, but the Lord’s way. It’s painful, but you have to go through the fire to come out like gold.