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the widow’s offering

In the book of Matthew, Jesus sat collecting the offerings. Many people cast in money and other things of value, “And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.” ( Mark 12:24). Mites in the Greek language refers to a small coin or a flake. You can imagine this woman is probably giving the last of what she had. Through this act of faith, Jesus said she put more in than anyone else had because others cast in their abundance but she cast in the thing that she wanted, the coins that probably could have gotten her next meal. These verses made me think of when we sometimes cling and hold on to the things that we love so much in place of our obedience. We will always be comfortable giving the thing that we don’t want, but when it comes to the things that we love and treasure dearly, we may hold on for dear life. I believe the Lord reminds us that anything we give up for His Name, will not be in vain. The 12 Disciples are a perfect example, as they had to leave behind their families, jobs, and way of living so that they could be closer to Christ. Another example is Abraham sacrificing Isaac out of obedience to the Lord, giving up his only son that He just received from the Lord ( Genesis 22). The greatest example is God sacrificed His only begotten son, so that we could live freely (John 16:33).