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Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your cieled houses, and this house lie waste?

Haggai 1:4

thought I was in position, but I was standing still, waiting on the Lord, while doing nothing. I kept my eyes so focused on the promises and what is to come rather than staying in the present. My focus eventually began to shift from off the Lord because I was impatient and worried that things would never come to pass. I started looking to my environment, emotions, and the enemy for how my faith was supposed to operate. I could not get anything done because there was no drive in me. My faith slowly decreased and I started stepping into the driver’s seat and trying to drive to a destination that I could not find. It was like I had been driving around for months looking for my destination, and couldn’t find it. This mindless searching took me away from where I needed to be which was in the now.

In the first chapter of Haggai, the Lord asks a rhetorical question to His people, He says ” Is it time for you, O ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses and this house lie waste?” ( Haggai 1:4). The Lord asks His people this question because He realizes they have been letting the work for the Lord go by without it getting done. We cannot wait for things to do themselves we must take initiative and accountability for the purpose and position the Lord has us in. We must make the most of what we have and do what is meant to be done. I was stuck in stagnancy waiting around for things to magically do themself/ It was time for me to stop standing still and move out of this stagnant mindset. I’m sure the people of God didn’t realize how much time they actually wasted because their focus was on other things. The world has the power to consume us if we let it, sucking us into frivolous spending, minuscule, meaningless arguments, and mindless scrolling of social media.

I spent 2 months in stagnancy because I received the promise and thought there was nothing more to be done on my part, but to wait and see the salvation of the Lord. Although this is true, there is still purpose and productivity in waiting. Waiting is more than just standing still, it requires tunnel vision focus on the Lord, and specific obedience that aligns with His purpose for you at the moment. I sadly wasted many of my 24 hours thinking the Lord would do the work and all I had to do was wait. Faith without works is dead!( James 2:26) We can hope and believe all we want, but if we have not faith and works , we aren’t necessarily giving our faith anything to do.

All it took was a surrendering of my heart to see the error of my ways. I had been far from the Lord because my desire and focus had been more on the promise than the promiser. One day, the Lord stirred up my spirit again as He did Zerubbabel and Joshua. I saw that my faith needed drive, and the only way to do that was to push my way forward, out of stagnancy and onto the Faith in the Lord. I had to be about my father’s business just as Jesus was. There is work to be done for the Lord, we can’t wait for someone else to do the work that the Lord has ordained us to do.