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HE gives freely

The Lord gives us all an opportunity to do the work He calls us to do. He shows no favoritism based on the type of work or the amount of experience we have. We are all working towards the same goal, which is to finish our course, keep our faith, and reach the Kingdom ahead. We must not look at anyone’s journey or try to compare. Everyone’s journey with the Lord, some excel, some progress, but it is your own that you must worry about. Comparison leaves room for you to walk out of your position while shifting your focus to someone else’s position. When you remain in your lane you won’t need to worry about what anyone else is doing but you. In the parable of the laborers, the householder provided an opportunity for those without work to work. He called each man at different times of the day, and because of this, the first laborer felt as though the others who came after, shouldn’t have been compensated as much as he was. He stepped out of his lane and began to worry about how the householder should be running his business. The first laborer beGan to step into comparison and envy what the others; received and less of what he had. Isn’t that sometimes how we look to God?

I was having a conversation with a coworker and she asked me how much I got paid, I told her the amount. She responded with “that’s crazy we’re getting paid x amount more. My mind began to shift to Lord how come she is getting paid more and I’m in the county position? I grew furious and started to calculate how much more she had. The thing is, when our focus shifts to others’ lives, we slowly forget to be grateful for what we have on our own. The Lord gives freely, yet why did I feel the need to question His ways and His children’s lives? Who am I to question why my Father wants to give and whom He chooses to give to? We have to be mindful of creating room for the enemy to play on our circumstances. It is also about our response to the circumstance, in that situation I could have chosen to be glad that she was receiving more than what I did last year or even been content that I had a job to even say I’m making money. We must look to the Lord recalling all He has done in our lives, and less of what’s going on in the celebrities, the YouTubers, and those around us. He gives freely just as He allows the sun to shine on both the righteous and the wicked, He loves and gives freely.